• ArTistic projects

    Below are some examples of co-creations and artistic projects

    Sculptures for the public domain

    For public authorities, or companies, I create and enlarge sculptures that can then be installed in a place open to the public.


    Examples :


    "The sportsmen", installed in the stadium of the Rueil-Malmaison park (2016)


    "The Dancer and the Musician" at the Jules Verne College in Rueil-Malmaison (2017)


    "Women build eco-responsible solutions".

    Creation, in partnership with the members of the professional association PWN, of sculptures for the winners of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award responsible for the Professional Women's Network.


    "Takeoff", creation resulting from the pedagogical journey on the theme of travellers and animals of the world conducted with the 6th artistic class of the Collège Marcel-Pagnol (2018)

    Peace Bird

    Here at Abbaye de Longues sur Mer :

    I created the Peace Bird to bring serenity, joy and peace to those who look at it and touch it.

    For high schools

    For middle and high schools, I lead artistic paths around sculpture in crossover with the subjects taught (literature, earth sciences and life, English, technologies, etc.).


    With the Collège Marcel Pagnol de Rueil-Malmaison, for example, I carry out an artistic project each year the artistic class.




    Performance and arts

    I like to mix the arts, and partner with other artists to create a collective work, sometimes ephemeral.


    I can thus organize productions linking my sculpture to other artistic expressions (dance, painting, video art, etc.).