• artistic approach


    My sculptures are inspired by the living world: human beings, fauna, flora.


    They are nourished by its energy, the richness of its forms, its colours, its movements.


    The curved and poetic lines of my sculptures attempt to bring together the impulses in multiple directions, to harmonize them while restoring their powerful vitality.


    In my creations, I also seek to restore the pacifying force of Nature.


    My creations can be a way of meeting with that part of Nature from which each one is made, and with the others.


    To make my sculptures, I use metals (steel, copper), clay, stone, plaster or wax. Each material has its sensitivity and possibilities, so I choose the most suitable for each creation. I collaborate with stonemasons, blacksmiths and foundrymen, depending on the projects, in order to develop all types of sculpture volumes.


    I create "indoor" sculptures and sculptures for private or public parks in monumental volumes.


    I lead creative workshops for audiences of all ages, within the framework of individual (individuals), company or public authorities.


    At the request of certain institutions, I encourage the public of students to create forms that will participate in a collective creation intended to be installed in the space of the institution. The sculpture then speaks of this space, of the members who invest it on a daily basis. It is an approach that allows for appropriation of the place and develops a sense of belonging to the institution, and contributes to the construction of the identity and institution, and of each of its members.


    Transfoming raw material is a wonderful way to access reality and make it your own. I like to encourage audiences to rely on the power of reality and the environment, in which everything is given (forms, volumes, proportions, energy and movement), to internalize them and restore them with who everyone is.


    To do this, I guide students in a safe way so that they learn to build and develop forms that are both solid, based on the proportions of living reality, and nourished by their creative energy.


  • Contact

    You can contact me by email or phone.


    A catalogue of artworks available for sale can be sent on request


    +33 (0)6 07 59 34 09

    Address of the artist's studio:

    11 rue des Hortensias,

    92500 Rueil-Malmaison